Our Core Values


We work closely with fashion experts to stay ahead of trends. We innovate fashion rather than sacrifice comfort and quality. We create elegant, cutting-edge designs that enable trend setters to express their personalities. Our designs do more than accessorize a woman’s outfit, MAX MARTIN defines her outfit.


Our passion is to produce high-end fashion footwear that women want to wear time and again. Our footwear designs address the desire for sexy styles while integrating innovative technologies to add comfort features, extra cushion and energy absorption.


Our footwear is constructed to withstand the test of time. We procure only the highest quality leathers and raw materials. We continuously assess our processes to ensure quality manufacturing. We take extra care to ensure MAX MARTINs look new every time a woman puts them on.

American Made

We are committed to supporting American jobs. We do everything within our power to procure raw materials and manufacturing services from American businesses. We are committed to adhering to and exceeding the Federal Trade Commission’s American Made regulations.


MAX MARTIN is not just another footwear line. We possess a higher cause. Our founders are active in their respective communities and have started non-profit organizations. As business owners, we have a social responsibility to give back to the consumers and communities who support our business. For every shoe that is sold, MAX MARTIN contributes a portion of the proceeds to non-profit organizations that educate and empower America’s women and youth.


Each of us has a responsibility to act as a change agent. I have always fantasized about a venture that would motivate change. This is it! American Luxury produced overseas? Why isn’t American Luxury produced by American hands? This question has tortured me, and the media, since the 2012 Olympics with Ralph Lauren’s Made in China uniforms for Team USA.

American Luxury Footwear designed and handcrafted in America

When we think of luxury fashion footwear, we may fantasize about a cobbler named Gianmarco Lorenzi carefully and passionately crafting super-sexy heels in Milano, Italy. This romanticism is what makes the luxury purchase so sensual and highly marketable for the US consumer. We have yet to associate this emotional experience with North America. Until now MAX MARTIN has teamed up with American producers who possess the timeless secrets of handcrafted shoe-making. Our shoe-makers carefully and passionately bring life to the brilliant creations of footwear designer and Creative Director, Tanita Gray. Gray knows that, like American women, luxury is constantly on the move. Her visions relate to the sophisticated, fast-paced woman who speaks the language of forward trends and carries herself with a hint of urban edge. We aim to invoke emotion and empower confidence. Our passion is to provide high-quality and comfortable luxury fashion that women want to wear time and again. MAX MARTIN designs are created with these ideals in mind.